Navigating the Holidays

Michelle Edwards
2 min readDec 13, 2021
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For some, the holidays can be incredibly triggering. Between all the things to do, the expectations people have of us, and uncomfortable family dynamics — it can be hard to navigate our way through (much less actually enjoy them).

Here are some things that have helped me:

1. Taking deep breaths when you feel stressed, or your emotions start to rise.

2. Focusing on the things about the holidays that make you feel warm, cozy, and in the spirit of the season. (Like hot cocoa, a warm fire, singing Christmas songs, etc — whatever gives that Hygge feeling)

3. Understanding that people have expectations of what they want you to do, say, and buy.

4. Understanding that you are not responsible for people’s expectations of you.

5. Noticing the expectations you have of yourself and asking if they’re reasonable.

6. Give. What can you do for someone without any expectation or need — coming solely from a place of open kindness and generosity? Maybe you can gift a present, or a cup of coffee or let your uncle just go on believing what he believes without needing to correct him.

7. Nurture yourself. Take that self-care to the next level. Maybe that hot toddy is exactly what you need, and maybe you really need that green smoothie. What will make you feel better tomorrow? Do that.

8. Feel free to step away when you need a break. You don’t have to keep on pushing yourself through that conversation or stressful task. Go back to it when your brain, body, and emotions are refreshed!

9. You don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. Your time, your attention, your presents and your presence are all yours to choose when and to whom you will share. (See #4) You’re in charge of you and your boundaries are sacred and precious.

The holiday season is meant to be full of hope, warmth, love, and peace. Create some space for these in your daily life this holiday season and I guarantee that it will radiate to those around you.

Oh! And take some more deep breaths!

Wishing you all the best.


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Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards is an intuitive energy teacher, spiritual mentor, and transformational LOVE coach.