Everyday Spirituality

Michelle Edwards
2 min readMar 21, 2022
A woman sitting on the floor in the rising sun with her arms held out in a receptive and meditative posture.

Spirituality is one’s relationship with whatever they experience as divine. For some, that’s called creator, nature,“the universe”, community, and love. For others, it has a more specific name like God or creator. Neither is a wrong answer, because it’s our personal relationship.

Connection is something we all long for — whether it be belonging with people, a sense of purpose, or that feeling of divinity. But how can we experience this even on the days we feel most far away from it?

Here are some ways you can nurture and nourish your spiritual connection daily:

  • Take some quiet, alone time. Meditation and mindfulness are both great tools that you can use to still your mind. Just notice — yourself and the world around you. In this space, you can get a sense of how you’re feeling physically and emotionally and the thoughts that accompany these feelings.
  • Set intentions, say affirmations, and/or pray. Declare your gratitudes and appreciations. Ask for the guidance and support you wish to receive. Whether you speak it out loud or write it down, these words can bring you a sense of peace, security, and even some healing.
  • Light a candle or incense, use essential oils, or somehow infuse your moment with scent. This little ritual can set or shift a mood and help you feel grounded.
  • Move your body in whatever ways feel nourishing. Movement can also help shift an undesirable mood and clear your mind. Especially if you live by the words “dance like no one is watching” — helping you feel centered, grounded, and vibrant.
  • Journal your thoughts and clear your mind. You’re more likely to experience a sense of peace and you might even find some answers to your questions in the process!
  • Read and watch things that are uplifting/inspiring and that make you feel a part of something bigger.
  • Breathe. Focus on your breath. Notice the inhalation and exhalation, the movement and restriction of your body.
  • Spend quality, distraction-free time with people that bring your heart warm fuzzies, inspire you, and make you feel good about being you.
  • Create. A garden, painting, cross-stitch, a great meal — it really doesn’t matter what you choose to create. It’s the act of creation that brings a sense of purposeful connection.

There are honestly too many things to list! However, if you are utilizing your senses — you’re on the right track!

We are born interconnected in this world. Life, conditioning, and our naughty brains sometimes get in the way of experiencing this regularly.

Take some time to experience any of these divinely connecting things today!



Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards is an intuitive energy teacher, spiritual mentor, and transformational LOVE coach.