Breaking Through

Michelle Edwards
2 min readJan 25, 2022
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My biggest wish is that you have hope, however much you need whenever you need it.

Being on a threshold in life can be uncomfortable (to say the least). The wheel of life is turning, things are changing, and many questions are begging to be answered — like “What’s next?”. And if you take a pause to reflect, somewhere amongst the rubble what once was are little golden nuggets: bits of wisdom, lessons learned, and even the occasional perspective shift. It’s these tiny, shiny things that gives hope. Because if you can find those in the crappiest times, just imagine what you can have when life is more gentle with you!

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle you’ll face at the threshold is the person in the mirror. Self defeating old stories rear their ugly heads and fill your thoughts with untruths about your ability, the way life works, what you deserve, and what lies in store around the bend. Facing and breaking through these old stories is one of the bravest things you can do. Decondition yourself and disbelieve those lies. Instead, get curious about what is possible. A question I frequently ask my clients is, “If you could wave a magic wand and make everything turn out just perfect — What would that look like?”

Trust the golden nuggets. They’re showing you a path. Let them build in your awareness something new. They’re a yellow brick road guiding you back home to that person you can ever-so-slightly feel on the inside, just waiting to burst free.

And trust yourself. Yes, you may have made some conscious and unconscious choices that seemingly steered you “wrong”, but they brought you to this place in time. This moment is sacred. It’s the beginning of your next. So instead of beating yourself up, consider giving yourself a hug in thanks and appreciation for surviving and landing right here, right now. Know that whatever choices you made in the past, you don’t have to make in the next. You can choose different. Now, what would that look like?

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Much love and all the best to you as you make this next breakthrough!




Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards is an intuitive energy teacher, spiritual mentor, and transformational LOVE coach.